Friday, June 17, 2011

Major Matt Mason Movie starring Tom Hanks

Major Matt Mason moviePlaytone Productions, Tom hanks' production company, is planning to develop a movie based on Major Matt Mason, the popular action figure by Mattel. For those who don't him, Major Matt mason is a fictional astronaut who lives and works on the moon. Tom Hank said in a couple interviews related to Toy Story that Major Matt Mason was one of his favorite childhood toys hence his interest in developing a Major Matt Mason movie.

Here's a 1968 commercial for Major Matt Mason:

"The story revolves around Major Matt Mason, an astronaut who lives and works on the Moon."

The film would be based on a script co-written by Tom Hanks, and he's likely to play the lead role. I also heard that Director Robert Zemeckis is in talk to helm the 3D live-action movie. A tentative budget has been set at approximately $100 million.

Let's hope they will come up with a compelling story!

Anyway, more information about the movie Major Matt mason as soon as details emerge.